Our world is marked by the constant clash of elemental titans. For thousands of years, these nine aspects have shaped the universe around us, leaving a trail of wonder and chaos in their wake. Where magma and flora mix, spiraling trees of obsidian give bloom to glowing ember flowers. Where sky and aqua meet, spherical lakes are left floating mid-air, while the trees nearby grow hundreds of meters tall just to touch their roots into that water.

For as long as we have lived in this world, we have known it to be full of spontaneity and change. There is nothing that is impossible, no expectation that stays unbroken, no region untouched and left to be ordinary. Wherever we go, everything around us begins to adapt. Our animals grow gills and wings. The seeds of our crops alter themselves to grow wherever they may land. The cities we build blend in over the years, crumbling into the landscapes around them. Everything changes, everything is fluid, everything eventually fits itself in the image of the magic around it.

Except for us…

The Null Aspect is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying system where everything in the world is constantly changing.  As you and your group of friends explore the lands, you’ll find that your items and animal companions alter their shape and material to fit each new landscape you enter.  Your cats might grow wings, your sword might change from gold to obsidian, and even your clothing might change colors. Regions operate more like weather, constantly shifting and moving. What may once have been a field a few years back, might now be a forest, or a tundra, or a mountain, or a pool of lava. Wherever you go, whatever you do, nothing stays the same for long.

Humanity is the sole being on this planet that is unaffected by the constant change. We can’t grow gills when our homes turn into an ocean, nor can we learn to see in the dark after living in a cave for a couple of days, but what we are good at, is adapting regardless. The people of this world have learned to use the magic around them to create a diverse array of technology, making life in Ennaeth more reminiscent of modern life. Monorails transport people between sprawling metropolises and the surrounding rural areas, elevators allow buildings to ascend to new heights, and magical mirrors allow people across the world to see and speak with each other.

Whatever changes may come, life goes on. That is the world of Ennaeth.

The city of Ebbheart from afar.

The city of Ebbheart from afar.