Now that you know what your character’s skills are, you need to start looking at what they own and where they live. Your character will begin their adventure with a set number of credits which should be split among housing, furnishings, outfitting, equipment, and savings.

You will not typically carry your credits with you, rather, most of them will stay in the bank, accessible with your credit disc. However, you should keep some cash on hand. You can decide what to carry with you and what to keep in the bank after you’ve spent your money.

The number of credits you begin with is equal to your Charm Stat x 100. For example, if your Charm Stat is 15, you begin with 1500 credits.

Finding a Home

One of the most important things you could possibly need is a place to live. Since nearly everyone rents, you’ll want to take a look at the apartments listed under Housing & Property.

When writing down the apartment you’ve chosen, make sure to note all of the utilities it comes with! You’ll want to know what you have access to in your living space later on. If you’d like to save money, you can room with one or more of the other adventurers buy renting a multi-bedroom place (or simply buying an extra bed and sharing).

As your characters grow and change, you may be able to afford fancier and nicer apartments. At some point, you might even consider renting or buying a big home in the countryside to live in together.

Make sure that you choose housing that you can afford the monthly rent for! Pay one month’s rent up front when creating your character, and any further payments will be due on the last day of the month.

Outfitting your Character

Once you have your home all decked out, you should think about what you are going to wear. Everyone needs clothes, and multiple changes of clothes. Give yourself at least a few outfits worth that range from light or heavy clothes for varying weather to casual wear to a formal outfit for an evening on the town.

You will also want to invest in weapons and armor for when you go out exploring. It would be foolish to go out into the woods unarmed and unarmored, although you should keep in mind the agility penalties that heavier apparel might incur. Also keep in mind that cities will not allow you to just openly swing a sword around. Be mindful in public.

Clothing, armor, and weapons can all be found in the Weapons, Armor, & Apparel section.

Equipment and Other Items

The last thing you’ll want to do is purchase yourself all the other small items that you will need. Although you should save yourself plenty of money for food throughout the month, you will also need equipment for your skills, backpacks for traveling, tents for nights in the woods, papers, ink pens, vials, and many more things.

You may consider buying a magic item or two if you have leftover money, but that may not be possible with the budget that your character has been given.

Finalizing your Character’s Belongings

Take a moment to go back through everything you have purchased. Make sure you still have enough money to both feed yourself and take the monorail, and don’t forget to keep in mind what aspects will be influencing your items, as they are certain to begin changing as soon as the game begins.