After you’ve chosen stats for your character, you can move on to more specific abilities: the skills! At the end of this page, there is a very long and detailed list of skills. All of these are open to your character, so feel free to spend as long as you’d like perusing the selections.

Character improvement is all through skills. At the end of each play session you attend, you’ll get 20 experience points to hold on to. At any point in time, you can spend these experience points to buy levels in a skill. Sometimes you’ll want to spend your points right away, and other times you’ll want to be sure to save them up for a few weeks!

For each level you have in a skill, you get to add +1 to your roll when you use it. Skills can never go above level 10.

Skill Purchase Costs

Skill LevelExperience Point CostTotal Experience Spent

The skill purchase chart lists how much it costs to buy each level in a skill. These add on to each other, so you have to pay 10 experience points to buy level 1, and an additional 20 experience points to buy level 2. To take a skill from level 0 to level 10, it takes 550 experience points, or 28 weeks of putting all of your points into that stat. That’s a lot of points, so you may wish to consider spreading your skills a bit more evenly to get the most of your experience.

Beginning the Game

When you first start out with a character, you get 360 experience points to spend. While you could toss them all in one skill and be very good at that one thing, I highly recommend splitting them amongst a number of skills.

Think of it this way. You could be level 1 in 36 different skills, a total of +36 bonus points, or you could be level 8 in one skill, a total of… +8 bonus points More well-rounded characters make better use of their points. It’s up to you to decide how much each level is worth.

Making Skill Checks

As the Game Master (GM) guides you through your adventure, you will encounter a huge variety of tasks and challenges that your characters must face. For each challenge that arises, your character will be asked to make a skill check.

To make a skill check, roll 1d20 and add in both your level in that skill and the modifier for the corresponding stat. Sometimes skill rolls are opposed by another party. In this case, the highest roller wins, and the defending roller always wins ties.

Affinity Bonus: If you are using two items of the same aspect together, you get a +1 to your roll. For example, a magma-aspect pencil to draw on magma-aspect paper or a sky-aspect crossbow with a sky-aspect bolt.

Skill NameCorresponding Stat
Parry, Blade FamilyAGI
Parry, Heavy FamilyAGI
Parry, Scythe FamilyAGI
Parry, Spear FamilyAGI
Ranged Combat, CrossbowAGI
Ranged Combat, Thrown ObjectAGI
Quick ReactAGI
Sleight of HandAGI
Drive VehiclesAGI
Handle BeastsCHA
Perform, DanceCHA
Perform, Play InstrumentCHA
Perform, SingCHA
Perform, VerbalCHA
Magic, Aura CastingFAI
Magic, SummoningFAI
Craft, MetalworkingINT
Craft, CarpentryINT
Craft, CookingINT
Craft, Drawing and PaintingINT
Craft, Household RepairINT
Craft, Pottery and CeramicsINT
Craft, Sewing and LinensINT
Craft, MiscellaneousINT
Knowledge, ArchitectureINT
Knowledge, BeastsINT
Knowledge, BotanyINT
Knowledge, EconomicsINT
Knowledge, GeologyINT
Knowledge, HistoryINT
Knowledge, MagicINT
Magical Arts, AlchemyINT
Magical Arts, Aura ScriptingINT
Magical Arts, Focus ScriptingINT
Magical Arts, InkmakingINT
Treatment, First AidINT
Treatment, MedicineINT
Ride BeastsMIG
Melee Combat, Blade FamilyMIG
Melee Combat, BrawlMIG
Melee Combat, Heavy FamilyMIG
Melee Combat, Scythe FamilyMIG
Melee Combat, Spear FamilyMIG
Cartography and NavigationPER
Magical Arts, Material ProcessingPER
Sense MotivePER
Magic, Focus CastingPOW
Magic, Null CastingPOW