Each character has a set of natural strengths and weaknesses that influence their skills in certain tasks. These nine traits are determined during character creation and do not change, unless they are influenced by a magical item.

Before determining your character’s stats, take some time to think about what you want them to be like. What is their occupation? Will they be strong and athletic, smart and good at crafting, or maybe wise and charismatic? It’s up to you to decide what kind of character you’d like to play!

Each of the nine core stats is important in its own way. No character can be good at everything, so try to imagine how your character is not only gifted in some aspects, but struggles in others. It will make them more realistic and human.

Read more about each of the core stats on their pages as follows:

Might / Agility / Health / Power / Faith / Will / Intellect / Perception / Charm

To determine your character’s values in these stats, roll six 6-sided die (6d6) and add up the numbers. Repeat this nine times until you have nine different sums, which you can then assign to specific stats however you’d like.

For example, I roll 6d6 nine times and get the following numbers: 23, 22, 16, 23, 17, 13, 19, 17, 15.

I then decide I’d like to assign my stats as follows: Might: 23, Agility: 23, Health: 19, Power: 22, Faith: 17, Will: 17, Intellect: 16, Perception: 13, and Charm: 15.

Each of these stats has a modifier that is added to any skill roll of a corresponding skill. For example, when using your Climbing Skill, you would also add in your Might modifier. If you don’t have any skill in an area, you use the modifier alone.

Core stats can never go below 1, no matter how many negatives you have.

Table of Modifiers

Main Stat ValueModifier Value

*Stats higher than this continue in the same pattern