The following contains a list of a huge variety of items you may wish to invest in. As with all items, the flavor-text and description will automatically import to your character sheet when you select the item and aspect.

Tool Sets

Tool sets are used to allow your character to perform a certain job. Some tool sets have a limited number of uses before you need to buy a new one, while others can be used infinitely. Unlike most other items, tool sets cannot be crafted.

Tool Sets

Item NameDescriptionWeightCost
Metalworker's Tool SetAllows: Craft, Metalworking20 lb80c
Carpenter's Tool SetAllows: Craft, Carpentry15 lb60c
Artist's Tool SetAllows: Craft, Drawing & Painting2 lb8c
Builder's Tool SetAllows: Craft, Household Repair50 lb200c
Potter's Tool SetAllows: Craft, Pottery & Ceramics10 lb40c
Tailor's Tool SetAllows: Craft, Sewing & Linens1 lb4c
General Crafting Tool SetAllows: Craft, Miscellaneous Goods2 lb8c
First Aid KitAllows: Treatment, First Aid [Up to 20 Uses]1 lb10c
Doctor's KitAllows: Treatment, Medicine [Up to 20 Uses]5 lb50c
Material Processing KitAllows: Magical Arts, Material Processing1 lb10c

Carrying Containers

Although how much you carry is limited by your carrying capacity, it is also limited by the amount of space you have for stuff in your backpacks and bags. You can’t just carry everything in your hands while still functioning – everything needs to be carefully packed away. Items packed in your bags are, however, harder to access, and getting something from them requires a full 10 second round just to get the item out.

Carrying Containers

Item NameDescriptionWeightCostCreation DifficultyCreation Time
Backpack, Small, LinenCapacity 20 lb2 lb64c15 Sewing & Linens20 Hours
Backpack, Medium, LinenCapacity 40 lb3 lb81c15 Sewing & Linens25 Hours
Backpack, Large, LinenCapacity 60 lb4 lb98c15 Sewing & Linens30 Hours
Backpack Extra Large, LinenCapacity 80 lb5 lb115c15 Sewing & Linens35 Hours
Rolling Suitcase, Small, LinenCapacity 30 lb, Requires 1 Hand5 lb90c20 Sewing & Linens20 Hours
Rolling Suitcase, Medium, LinenCapacity 60 lb, Requires 1 Hand7 lb114c20 Sewing & Linens25 Hours
Rolling Suitcase, Large, LinenCapacity 90 lb, Requires 1 Hand9 lb138c20 Sewing & Linens30 Hours
Carrying Suitcase, Small, LinenCapacity 15 lb, Requires 1 Hand2 lb24c10 Sewing & Linens10 Hours
Carrying Suitcase, Medium, LinenCapacity 30 lb, Requires 1 Hand4 lb38c10 Sewing & Linens15 Hours
Box, Small, WoodCapacity 30 lb, Requires 2 Hands10 lb12c5 Carpentry1 Hour
Box, Medium, WoodCapacity 60 lb, Requires 2 Hands20 lb24c5 Carpentry2 Hours
Basket, Small, WoodCapacity 5 lb, Requires 1 Hand1 lb31c10 Carpentry15 Hours
Basket, Medium, WoodCapacity 15 lb, Requires 1 Hand2 lb42c10 Carpentry20 Hours
Bucket, Small, MetalCapacity 5 lb, Requires 1 Hand1 lb2c5 Metalworking1 Hour
Bucket, Medium, MetalCapacity 15 lb, Requires 1 Hand2 lb4c5 Metalworking2 Hour
Sack, Tiny, LinenCapacity 1 lb, Requires 1 Hand1/10 lb1 2/10c5 Sewing & Linens1 Hour
Sack, Small, LinenCapacity 5 lb, Requires 1 Hand2/10 lb2 4/10c5 Sewing & Linens2 Hours
Sack, Medium, LinenCapacity 15 lb, Requires 1 Hand3/10 lb3 6/10c5 Sewing & Linens3 Hours
Sack, Large, LinenCapacity 30 lb, Requires 1 Hand4/10 lb4 8/10c5 Sewing & Linens4 Hours
Wallet, LeatherCapacity: Coins & Funds, Fits in Pockets1/10 lb7/10c5 Sewing & Linens30 Minutes
Satchel Bag, Small, LinenCapacity 15 lb1 lb22c10 Sewing & Linens10 Hours
Satchel Bag, Medium, LinenCapacity 30 lb2 lb34c10 Sewing & Linens15 Hours

Ordinary Non-Magical Goods

This list contains an assortment of all the other non-magical supplies you might end up needing. You’re probably wondering why there is SO MUCH stuff – but that’s mainly to give you a diverse array of things to enchant, as well as to accommodate for your every need!

Non-Magical Goods

Item NameDescriptionWeightCostCreation DifficultyCreation Time
[Arts] ClipboardFor use with loose paper3/10 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Dye, Cloth1 use2/10 lb10 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Dye, Hair1 use2/10 lb10 Miscellaneous
[Arts] EnvelopeFor mail1/100 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Feather PenUse with ink1/50 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Folder, LeatherTo keep paper products safe from crumpling and smudging within a backpack1/10 lb5 Sewing & Linens
[Arts] Ink, Vial100 pages worth2/10 lb10 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Notebook, Lined, 100 pages1/2 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Notebook, Unlined, 100 pages1/2 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Paint Brush1/50 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Paint, Vial1 painting's worth2/10 lb10 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Painter's Canvas, Cotton1/2 lb10 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Paper, Loose, 20 sheets1/100 lb per page5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Pencil1/50 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] SealFor sealing letters1/2 lb15 Metalworking
[Arts] Sealing Wax50 seals1/2 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Arts] Typewriter35 lb20 Metalworking
[Arts] Vial, Glass1/10 lb5 Metalworking
[Camping] Bedroll & Bedding, Cool, Linen+5 Heat Resistance10 lb15 Sewing & Linens
[Camping] Bedroll & Bedding, Neutral, Cotton-10 lb15 Sewing & Linens
[Camping] Bedroll & Bedding, Warm, Wool+5 Cold Resistance16 lb15 Sewing & Linens
[Camping] Matches, box of 2001/10 lb3 Carpentry
[Camping] Signal Whistle1/10 lb10 Metalworking
[Camping] Tent, 2-person20 lb20 Sewing & Linens
[Camping] Tent, 4-person35 lb25 Sewing & Linens
[Camping] Tinderbox1 lb10 Metalworking
[Camping] Water FlaskStay hydrated5 lb10 Metalworking
[Decor] Curtains, Linen5 lb5 Sewing & Linens
[Decor] Picture Frame, Small1/2 lb5 Carpentry
[Decor] Rug, 2x3ft5 lb15 Sewing & Linens
[Decor] Rug, 4x6ft10 lb20 Sewing & Linens
[Decor] Tablecloth, Linen1 lb3 Sewing & Linens
[Decor] Tablecloth, Silk1 lb4 Sewing & Linens
[Decor] Vase, Clay1/2 lb15 Pottery & Ceramics
[Decor] Vase, Glass1/2 lb20 Metalworking
[Fun] Ball, Leather3/5 lb10 Sewing & Linens
[Fun] Chess Board & Pieces, Wooden1/2 lb20 Carpentry
[Fun] Deck of Cards2/10 lb20 Miscellaneous
[Fun] Dice, pair1/50 lb10 Miscellaneous
[Fun] Dominos, Wooden1 lb10 Miscellaneous
[Fun] Kite3 lb15 Sewing & Linens
[Fun] Marbles, Glass1/2 lb5 Metalworking
[Fun] Puppet1 lb20 Sewing & Linens
[Fun] Toy, Linen Stuffed1/2 lb15 Sewing & Linens
[Fun] Toy, Wooden1/2 lb15 Carpentry
[Furniture] Bed, Double, with Bedding100 lb18 Carpentry
[Furniture] Bed, Single, with Bedding160 lb16 Carpentry
[Furniture] Chair35 lb14 Carpentry
[Furniture] Coat Rack10 lb12 Carpentry
[Furniture] Desk100 lb16 Carpentry
[Furniture] Dining Table100 lb18 Carpentry
[Furniture] End Table20 lb12 Carpentry
[Furniture] Standing Shelves75 lb14 Carpentry
[Furniture] Wall Mirror50 lb15 Metalworking
[Furniture] Wardrobe150 lb16 Carpentry
[Gardening] Planter with Soil, MediumGrows 3 plants3 lb5 Carpentry
[Gardening] Planter with Soil, LargeGrows 10 plants10 lb5 Carpentry
[Gardening] Planter with Soil, SmallGrows 1 plant1 lb5 Carpentry
[Kitchen] Bowl, Clay1 lb10 Pottery & Ceramics
[Kitchen] Butter Knife, Metal1/5 lb5 Metalworking
[Kitchen] Chopping Knife, Metal1/2 lb5 Metalworking
[Kitchen] Cooking Pot, Metal10 lb5 Metalworking
[Kitchen] Fork, Metal1/5 lb8 Metalworking
[Kitchen] Frying Pan, Metal10 lb5 Metalworking
[Kitchen] Mug, Clay7/10 lb12 Pottery & Ceramics
[Kitchen] Plate, Clay1 lb10 Pottery & Ceramics
[Kitchen] Spoon, Metal1/5 lb8 Metalworking
[Light] Candle, Scented, set of 4+5 Allure, Illuminates 10ft3/10 lb each7 Miscellaneous
[Light] Candle, Unscented, set of 4Illuminates 10ft3/10 lb each5 Miscellaneous
[Light] CandleholderPrevents hot wax from candles from dripping on hands!1/2 lb5 Metalworking
[Light] Lantern, Oil, MetalIlluminates 25ft2 lb15 Metalworking
[Light] Lantern, Paper1/5 lb20 Miscellaneous
[Light] Oil, Flask10 hours1 lb--
[Music] Bell1/10 lb15 Metalworking
[Music] Drum3 lb15 Carpentry
[Music] Dulcimer10 lb25 Carpentry
[Music] Flute1 lb20 Carpentry
[Music] Horn2 lb25 Metalworking
[Music] Lute2 lb25 Carpentry
[Music] Lyre2 lb25 Carpentry
[Personal] Bath Towel1 lb2 Sewing & Linens
[Personal] Garment Hanger1/10 lb5 Carpentry
[Personal] Hairbrush1/5 lb3 Carpentry
[Personal] Hand Towel1/2 lb1 Sewing & Linens
[Personal] Mirror, Hand1/2 lb10 Metalworking
[Personal] Perfume, Vial100 uses, 6 hours each, +3 Allure2/10 lb15 Miscellaneous
[Personal] Pet Leash & Collar1/2 lb10 Sewing & Linens
[Personal] Soap, Bar+1 Medicine, 30 uses3/10 lb5 Miscellaneous
[Personal] Sponge1/50 lb--
[Personal] Toothbrush3 Carpentry
[Tools] Animal Trap, Large, Metal15x15ft, Difficulty 30200 lb20 Metalworking
[Tools] Animal Trap, Large, Wood15x15ft, Difficulty 20100 lb20 Carpentry
[Tools] Animal Trap, Medium, Metal10x10ft, Difficulty 2550 lb16 Metalworking
[Tools] Animal Trap, Medium, Wood10x10ft, Difficulty 1525 lb16 Carpentry
[Tools] Animal Trap, Small, Metal5x5ft, Difficulty 2020 lb12 Metalworking
[Tools] Animal Trap, Small, Wood5x5ft, Difficulty 1010 lb12 Carpentry
[Tools] Binoculars1 lb20 Metalworking
[Tools] Broom1 lb3 Carpentry
[Tools] Chain, Metal, 10ft10 lb15 Metalworking
[Tools] Crowbar5 lb5 Metalworking
[Tools] Fishing Net, 25x25 ft8 lb20 Sewing & Linens
[Tools] Fishing Pole with Hooks and Lures4 lb15 Carpentry
[Tools] Grappling Hook4 lb10 Metalworking
[Tools] Hammer3 lb5 Metalworking
[Tools] Handcuffs2 lb15 Metalworking
[Tools] Handsaw4 lb10 Metalworking
[Tools] Ladder, Rope, 10ft5 lb20 Sewing & Linens
[Tools] Ladder, Wood, 10ft25 lb15 Carpentry
[Tools] Magnifying Glass1/10 lb20 Metalworking
[Tools] Mop1 lb3 Carpentry
[Tools] PadlockDifficulty 251 lb25 Metalworking
[Tools] Parasol+2 Heat Resistance1 lb20 Sewing & Linens
[Tools] Pocket Knife1/2 lb5 Metalworking
[Tools] Pocket Watch1/2 lb22 Metalworking
[Tools] Rope, 50ft10 lb18 Sewing & Linens
[Tools] Scissors1/2 lb10 Metalworking
[Tools] Shovel5 lb5 Metalworking
[Tools] Sledge8 lb5 Metalworking
[Tools] Telescope1 lb20 Metalworking
[Tools] UmbrellaRain Protection1 lb20 Sewing & Linens
[Tools] Wire, 50ft5 lb15 Metalworking
[Transport] Bicycle18 lb25 Metalworking
[Transport] Canoe75 lb25 Carpentry

Common Magical Goods

This list contains a collection of commonly bought and sold magic goods, pre-priced for your convenience.

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